1.1 The challenge  "WANNA BE GREEN HILL TEAM"  is exclusively recreational and cultural. Participation in this CHALLENGE is voluntary and free of charge and is not linked to the acquisition of any good, service or right. Participation in this CHALLENGE does not imply any encumbrance, of any nature, for the registered participants and for the winning participants.

2.1 This CHALLENGE is organized by GREEN HILL SPORTS GMBH, a limited company registered in Germany, headquartered at Tostedt, hereinafter referred to as " ORGANIZER.

3.1 Individuals who compete for the 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SENIORS AND TEAMS BAKU 2018

3.2 Participants may not participate in the ORGANIZER's management function, partners, directors, executives, employees and outsourcers and its economic-financial conglomerate. In addition, any person or organization employee who is, directly or indirectly, involved in any aspect of this CHALLENGE may not participate.
3.3 Green Hill has no responsibility for the 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SENIORS AND TEAMS BAKU 2018 event, as well as results, any disputes and entries.

4.1 Green Hill will award with a sponsorship contract, valid at the end of 2020:

5.1 To compete for sponsorship, the athlete must register for CHALLENGE with personal social media account.

6.1 Those interested in participating in this CHALLENGE shall:
a) Register by like Green Hill’s Facebook page.

  1. c) Post in your account on Instagram a photo of the kimono or other product of GREEN HILL BRAND during the 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SENIORS AND TEAMS BAKU 2018 and mark the Green Hill (@greenhillsport) in the picture, in the caption and also include the hashtags (#greenhillteam #beyourbestself #greenhillsports #judoworlds2018).

7.1 The PARTICIPANT may register only once.
7.2 The participant making dishonorable references to persons, places, cultural works or any other protected by copyright or industrial or intellectual property rights, or referring to any marks of the ORGANIZER's competitors shall be automatically disqualified.
7.3 The ORGANIZER reserves the right to declassify registrations that do not comply with the provisions of these Regulations, regardless of any obligation to notify participants of this disqualification.
7.4 Upon their enrollment in the CHALLENGE, the PARTICIPANTS will express their total and unconditional acceptance to all the provisions of this Regulation, as well as waive any questioning on the criteria of judgment adopted.

8.1 The best individual performance of each category of the CHALLENGE shall be defined according to the following criteria, according to the official results of the IJF, in order of relevance:
a) Result of the athlete in 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SENIORS AND TEAMS BAKU 2018

8.2 An athlete will be awarded the sponsorship contract in each of the categories of CHALLENGE: MALE ADULT, FEMALE ADULT.
8.3 The decisions of the ORGANIZER regarding the administration of this CHALLENGE and selection of the winning participant are final and unappealable.
8.4 The names of the CHALLENGES of this CHALLENGE will be made public and will be available on the Green Hill’s website at Instagram as of October 15st, 2018.
8.5 Winning participants will also be notified by email, telephone, if they register.

8.6 In the event that the winning participant does not respond correctly to the e-mail within 05 days, the winner will be disqualified, being awarded the second best one of its category between the ones registered in the CHALLENGE. In this case, the subsequent beneficiaries will be notified and will be subject to the same rules of this Regulation.

8.7 The ORGANIZER undertakes to do everything possible to contact the winning participant. However, the person who can not be contacted within the 180 (one hundred and eighty) day period following the date of disclosure shall decline from the right to the award.
8.8 In case of fraud calculated after disclosure of the result, the participant will be automatically excluded from the CHALLENGE, and the prize will be transferred to the next classified participant, provided that all valid conditions are met.

9.1 Each of the four winners of this contest will be entitled to the following prizes:
a) 1 sponsorship agreement valid until December 31, 2020;
b) Green Hill products;
c) Disclosure of the athlete in the media of Green Hill.
9.2 Winning participants, upon receiving the CHALLENGE award, agree to accept it without any further claim to the ORGANIZER, as well as agree to exempt it and / or any company involved in the CHALLENGE from its affiliated companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, including their respective employees, representatives, service providers and agents or any other person or organization directly or indirectly involved in this CHALLENGE, from any and all legal claims or actions consequent upon their participation in the CHALLENGE or receipt and use of any prize, other than those regarding the fulfillment, good progress and outcome of the CHALLENGE.

10.1 All participants in this CHALLENGE assign and transfer to the ORGANIZER, without any burden for this, and definitively, fully and totally, all rights of use of image on said contest, for any type of use, publication, reproduction by any means or technique, especially in the disclosure of the result, for the maximum period allowed by law.
10.2 The authorizations described above do not imply any obligation of disclosure or payment of any amount by the ORGANIZER.
10.3 Any doubts, differences or situations not provided for in this Regulation shall be evaluated and decided by a Judging Committee of the ORGANIZER.
10.4 In case of proven fraud, the participant will be automatically excluded from the CHALLENGE, regardless of the sending of any notification and, in case of the winner, the prize will be transferred to the next participant classified under the conditions valid and provided for in this Regulation. For the purpose of this clause, it is considered fraud to participate by registering incorrect or false information, the participation of employees, third parties, relatives up to second degree of employees and third parties, promoters, agents, affiliates or others who have a direct or indirect professional relationship with the ORGANIZER.
10.5 Simple participation in this CHALLENGE, through the completion of the registration form, implies knowledge and full acceptance of these Rules.
10.6 A participant whose conduct entails the willful manipulation of the CHALLENGE operation or who violates the terms and conditions imposed by these Regulations will be automatically disqualified and / or disqualified.
10.7 If for any reason, other than at will and control of the ORGANIZER, it is not possible to conduct this CHALLENGE as planned, the ORGANIZER may finalize it in advance, upon notice to the participants. If the CHALLENGE is terminated in advance, the ORGANIZER shall advise the public and the participants through the same means used for its disclosure, explaining the reasons that led to such decision.
10.8 Questions and information about this contest can be clarified by e-mail
10.9 This CHALLENGE, as well as its regulation, may be changed, at the discretion of the ORGANIZER, upon notice on the Green Hill Sports news page.
10.10 A copy of this Regulation, as well as the announcement of the winner of the Contest, may be obtained from the website